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Support for AVG Antivirus

AVG anti-virus is efficient and effective software which provides wide range of protection from variety of harmful elements that may be present both online and offline. There are hundreds of products under AVG anti-virus, which provide specific solutions for specific security issues. AVG customer support offers complete solutions to deal with all problems. Here are some issues and their solutions to help you understand how we resolve the issues reported to us.

General solutions to Common Installation Issues

The most common installation problems can be resolved by following the steps given below:

    • Usually, the problems are caused one or more components of AVG anti-virus are corrupted. To resolve this problem, customers need to make use of AVG Reset Access tools. This enables to resolve any corrupted access rights to AVG files.

    • First save all your work as you would need to reboot the system after download is completed. Close all the running documents and programs.

    • Download the AVG said access tool and after you have closed all the running programs, run the file which you downloaded and then choose access to conform the license agreement.

    • Now select the continue button so that the fix can be applied. The computer will restart.

    • Resolving the problem with the help of AVG Remover to remove any previous versions of AVG or any of its parts.

    • Download the AVG Remover tool and run the file which you downloaded. Choose continue to approve the AVG’s License Agreement and Privacy Policy. It will scan your computer to locate all AVG products.

    • Select the product you would like to uninstall and click Remove.

    • Here, you will be provided with the option to select which file you want to remove. Choose the file/ files and then click restart.

    • In case the Open File - Security Warning dialog comes after you reboot the system click Run to finish uninstallation.

    • In case you are prompted to restart the computer, do it to finish the process.

Installation problems

Many customers face problems in downloading and installing AVG AntiVirus or Internet Security and other products. We offer step by step solution for resolving the installation issues. We also provide instructions to resolve issues if you have problems in transferring AVG license to a new computer. Contact AVG technical support phone number team to get the understanding of AVG Internet Security Features.
If you have already downloaded the program in your computer, you have to follow the steps to install the program or activate it in your computer. Before you go through the steps below, ensure that your computer meets the technical specifications necessary to install and run AVG AntiVirus.

Download and install AVG

    • Choose either AVG AntiVirus or AVG Internet Security depending on what you need to install.

    •Once downloaded, run the file to begin with the installation process. Follow the step by step instructions to complete the process correctly.

    •When asked, enter the AVG license number. You have the number as it was sent to you through email when you purchased the product.

    • Follow the step by step instructions and complete the installation process and then restart your computer.

    • In case the product is already installed in your computer and you only need to activate or reactivate it in your computer go through the following steps:

    • Double click the AVG icon visible on your desktop or double click the icon visible in the system tray visible on the right hand side of the screen.

    • Now, choose options and then choose deactivate or reactivate.

    • Provide the license number which you received in an e-mail after purchasing the product. Enter the number in the new license number field and then choose activate.

    • Now your AVG product will have a new license number and will be activated with the same number. To the same you can click on the support option in the top menu. Here, you will be able to view your license number and other product information.

Dealing with various error codes in AVG

AVG customers come across various error codes that reflect some type of problem. Each error code has a meaning and a specific solution. AVG Technical Support Number team provides solution for every error code that customers may receive and also offer the exact cause of the problems. Many errors can be dealt easily by the customers, once they know what it means and how it can be resolved
Error code 0x6001f916, 0xe001f90b, 0x6001f90b or 0xe001f916
This set of error codes mean that the computer needs to be restarted. Usually, these error codes occur when customers do not restart their computer after installation of the software.
Error 0xe001d026 or 0xc00700652
Sometimes, customers may install two programs together. When you install your AVG Software together with another program, or update, or application, the problem can appear. If you want to ensure that the software is installed properly, please make sure that no other updates or installations go together simultaneously. In case, a setup or update is taking place you have to stop the update or installation, and then restart your computer and restart the AVG installation also.
Error 0xe001f915
This error code will appear when the installation was in progress and somehow it was cancelled. To get rid of this problem, restart the AVG installation.
Error 0xe001d028
You will get this error code when another antivirus is detected in your computer. To continue with AVG installation you have to uninstall the conflicting application or the other antivirus, or firewall from your computer. To learn more about the conflicting applications, please dial AVG helpline number and learn how you can effectively remove other applications that may be in conflict with AVG, from your computer.
Error 0xe0060006
Errors 0xE0018D06 and 0xE0060006 may come up then AVG installation fails, indicating a problem that we have been occurred during the download of the AVG installation file.

Application freezes

Customers report that various applications freeze and they also find difficulty in accessing even trusted websites from time to time. In such situations, the problem has to be resolved by disabling all components of AVG. Since, AVG components work at multiple levels to provide protection to your computer, sometimes these issues may occur. Here is how will be even the problem.

Disabling All AVG Components

    • At first, right-click the AVG icon visible in the system tray, just next to the system clock

    •To temporarily stop the action of AVG, click on temporarily disable AVG protection.

    •You have the option to choose the time for which you want to disable the protection and if you would want to disable the firewall the protection as well. Choose the option you want and then click OK.

    • It is possible to disable AVG from advanced settings also.

    • Open the AVG Program

    • Open the program and then choose advanced settings in the options menu.

    • Now choose temporarily visible AVG protection in the menu visible on the left side of the screen.

    • Also you will get the option to choose if you want the fireball to be visible and for how long you would want the protection to be turned off. After making the selections choose OK

    • In case if you want to deactivate any specific components, just go through the step by step instructions provided under the components you want to disable.

Once you have used the applications or visited websites which were facing disruptions, activate the visible components immediately.

How to protect confidential emails and also disable the component

This is one of the common questions asked by the customers. We help our customers with specific solutions, if they require remedies for particular problems.

    •You can get complete protection from viruses, spyware, Malware, spam mails and more with AVG’s email scanner component. However, sometimes customers are not able to receive some important emails as AVG recognizes them as spam.

    •The component can be disabled by following these steps:

    •Open the AVG program and then choose the emails component

    • You will find email scanner section where you have to disable the option by clicking on the switch. When disabled, it will turn red.

    • Also, in the Anti-Spam section, click on the switch to disable it, and the indicator will turn red

There can be thousands of other issues that customers may face with AVG antivirus and other products from the company. We are available over the portrait of a number and ready to answer the bodies of our customers in case they need help and assistance. Just get in touch with us and speak to a more efficient AVG Customer Support eam and overcome or problems instantly.