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Support for McAfee Antivirus

McAfee antivirus is one of the best antivirus solutions available in the market. It has a range of products to suit the various needs of the different users. The products are tailor made to deal with various online and offline threats that keep arising from time to time. However, there are various problems that keep arising related to the antivirus and customers need immediate solutions. These remedies are forwarded by the third party McAfee Customer Support team who can be reached via the toll free helpline number.
While there are different types of issue and many are usually new, there are some which are more common than others. Further, there can be more complexity to the issues and different customers may face the same type of problem, but the cause may be different and that requires completely different solution in each case.

Here are some problems with which we deal in regular basis.

Installation problems

The issue can be instantly resolved with the help of McAfee customer care number team. This problem will occur when there are issues with the OS in the computer. If any of the files of the operating system fail to register they fail to co-ordinate with each other. If there is a blank screen shown by McAfee Security Center, the problem corresponds to incorrect registry key related to JavaScript. The user will have to download the correct registry key and run it to fix the problem.
Here is how to do it.

    • If there is any work in progress you must save it as you have to reboot the system when the process finishes.

    •Download the script from the website of McAfee and save it on your desk top.

    •Now unzip the downloaded file and save it as mcscriptfix.bat to your desktop.

    •Now right click the unzipped file and choose run as administrator

    •Choose yes if user account control box is prompted

    •When the script runs, a black DOS Prompt window will open on your screen.

    •Then you get the message Press any key to continue, click inside the DOS prompt window and then press any key.

    •After this restart your computer.

PC performance issues after installation of McAfee security

    •A computer with ENS installed is reported to have sluggish performance just when the computer starts.

    •This problem has been resolved with Endpoint Security 10.1.1 and can be downloaded from the website of MacAfee.

    •It is advised that customers do not use the patches as those are not the exact solution for the problem.

    •This is what they need to do. Customers would have to change the existing threat prevention policy.

To do that they have to first choose show advanced and then go to On-Access Scan followed by Process Settings.

    •And then choose Use Standard settings for all processes

    •If it does already not exist, choose Configure different settings for High Risk and Low Risk processes and then choose Use Standard settings for all processes

    •Make sure the Process Types for high risk and low risk is greyed out

    •Now you have to deploy ENS and add this to the test client.

    •Ensure that the results are just as expected and performance is good.

If the performance is not as expected then you will have to double check if the policy was implemented correctly and verify the performance.

Problems with McAfee ‘Your Computer is at risk’

When there is no problem in the working of McAfee Software, you will receive the message your computer is protected whenever you open McAfee three Security Center. However, in case there is an issue and McAfee Software detects the problem, you will receive the message your computer is at risk, and the protection status displayed in the Security Center will change to red or grey from green.
There can be many more conditions that can cause McAfee to create this type of message. One of the reasons could be the damage of one or more components of McAfee Security software. This would cause McAfee to work incorrectly. Also, it can be a problem related to a recent update. Therefore, you will receive different types of messages in the Security Center depending on the problem and its cause.

    •Your computer is at risk - Real-Time Scanning: Off

    •Your computer is at risk - Verify Update

    •Your computer is at risk (with no specified reason)

    •Your computer is at risk - Firewall is Off

If you come across any of the messages above, follow the steps provided to learn the cause of the problem and stop the message from appearing. Call McAfee Support Phone Number to get more solutions and guidance.


To begin the process, it is advised that you ensure that your McAfee Software is fully updated to the latest release. Once the update is completed you can restart your computer and then begin the troubleshooting process.
To update, you have to right-click on the M icon which is visible on the system tray and choose check for updates. After the update is completed restart your computer. When the computer restarts check if the message you were receiving is still visible. If you still get the message that your computer is at risk, start with the process of fixing the problem. Get the message that appears on your Security Center which can be of the following types.

    •Your computer is at risk - Verify Update

    •Your computer is at risk (with no additional qualifier)

    •Your computer is at risk - Real-Time Scanning: Off

Your computer is at risk - Firewall is Off

Just follow the step by step solution and resolve the problem. Some problems may require some extra assistance. For that you may have to use the virtual assistance or remote help. McAfee Customer Service team offers very effective virtual assistance which is perfect solution for more advanced problems. In such situations, the solutions are difficult to implement and require professional assistance. With remote assistance through virtual platform you can easily get rid of McAfee security issues.

Upgrading issues with Antivirus

Issues related to upgrading issues with antivirus are not uncommon. Then the problem is widespread McAfee releases solutions. Depending on the version you are using, you have to look for the solutions. If there is no practical your patch or remedy available, users can these are the access protection till they get a fixed solution. To do this they have to open the user interface and click navigation which is available in the main window at the right side. Then you have to open general settings and alerts and then choose access protection. Now uncheck access protection and select apply. This should resolve the problem with updates the related to McAfee antivirus. If you face further issues contact McAfee Technical Support team and get tried and tested remedies in no time.


If you are facing any difficulty with a McAfee product, it’s time that you find effective solutions for each of those issues. Contact McAfee Customer Support and report your problem in detail. The tech support team will take note of you issues and forward well-rounded solutions for each of your problems. The technical help desk is available 24*7 and getting solutions is therefore easiest through third party customer care helpdesk.