How can I fix Norton antivirus error 3035 2?

Norton is a trustworthy and reputed company that has been serving its users since many years on various platforms. Their developed products including antivirus is high in demand because of its authentic and effective nature. But there are times when these Antivirus programs itself start showing technical issues like error 3035 2, etc. It's very important to fix Norton antivirus error 3035 2 and other reported issues in the program as soon as possible as this puts your computer to risks of viruses and malware. In this article, we will be discussing about the error 3035 2. Let's check about it in detail:

fix Norton antivirus error 3035 2

Symptoms of the error 3035 2:

The Error 3035 2 easily crashes the active program window. In general, you will witness the “Norton Error Code 3035 2 being displayed over and over again when you run the same program. The error may affect your Windows PC, making it slow, and the response rate of the mouse may also get affected. You may also experience frequent freezes here and there. One should keep a track when the error gets displayed and in what frequency, whether it is during program installation, booting of PC or some other situation. To combat this situation, you have to resolve Norton antivirus error 3035-2 before it causes major mishap in the device and affect its working.

Now let’s have a look at the causes of error 3035-2:

Error 3035 2 is known for appearance in computer devices after the installation, uninstallation or reinstallation of Norton Antivirus program or the time, the program is actively running. This may further cause unexpected shutdowns, and crashes which you wouldn't want to take place for sure.

  • The error comes when there's incomplete installation or corrupt download of Norton Antivirus program.
  • It can also be caused due to some sort of virus or malware that may have destroyed or affected the Norton program files or Windows registry.
  • Now there can be another situation which doesn't usually occur but it can be the accidental or malicious deletion of Norton related files.

Let's now learn “Steps to fix Norton antivirus error 3035 2”:

There are different methods and you may give a shot one by one, you never know which one may work for you. For further assistance, you can reach to our customer support.

Solution 1) First, you can try the manual edit Windows registry linked with Error 3035 2. You should carefully perform this step as a mistake in Registry Editor can cause a problem in your Operating System. Google the exact procedure!

Solution 2) Like we have discussed this error can be even caused due to a malware or virus in your PC and i.e. why it is recommended to run a complete malware scan for your PC to eradicate the issue that is causing the error 3035 2.

Contact Norton Antivirus Helpline Number for Norton Product Support

We hope that this article helped you solve the error 3035 2. If you need further assistance or the problem isn't getting resolved then reach to our customer support for more solutions that can help you to get rid of this or any other similar issue. To contact our expert team members, you can drop a call at the Norton antivirus helpline number, 1-877-917-4965.

Besides calling us, you can also write your issue in the text format and send it our email-id available on the website. Moreover, the option of “Live Chat” is also present for the troubled users who are facing issues in their preinstalled Norton Antivirus.


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