How to resolve McAfee error 1336 in Windows?

McAfee antivirus is one of the most usable software’s developed to keep your system safe from malicious programs. The McAfee product is widely accepted because of its excellent compatibility with, IOS, Android and Windows OS. But, sometimes the software encounters some kind of issue including Error 1336, and many more. You get to know about this error when a message "Installation Fails…! ...Sorry for the inconvenience" appears on the screen of your system.

This is amongst the most confronted issue reported in the McAfee program. To resolve McAfee error 1336 in Windows, you need to connect with the company providing tech-support for McAfee products. Here, we described about the causes due to which the error appears along with the symptoms to identify it, and the instant error-fixation methods.

How to resolve McAfee error 1336 in Windows

Causes of the error code 1336

There are several reasons/ causes behind the error. Have a glance at a few of them:

  • Corrupted Windows registry: Error 1336 appears when the system’s window registry file get damaged
  • Incomplete installation of McAfee Antivirus software: If you didn’t install the security program correctly on your device, the error gets displayed
  • Corrupt downloading of the software: Sometimes, you can download a corrupt file without any prior knowledge. This is the main cause behind Error 1336.
  • Presence of e-threats: Viruses or malware doesn’t only affect the system, it sometimes cause a problem in the software tool. Due to the presence of the threats, the antivirus reports Error 1336.
  • Antivirus file deletion: Sometimes, deleting the files of McAfee antivirus installed in your system will report the error.

List of symptoms that indicate error 1336

Error 1336 badly affects the functionality of the software. Some of its effects are discussed below:

  • Seriously damage the operating system of the device
  • The system gets frozen for a short time
  • Windows get crashed and hence all the active program of your machine are
  • System standstill
  • The pop-up window with the error message appears again and again
  • The speed of the system slows down

Steps to resolve McAfee error 1336 in Windows

There are several methods for fixing the concerned error from the McAfee program. Let’s discuss:

  • Step 1: The most prior step is “Repairing of McAfee registry”. You can try to repair it ASAP.
  • Step 2: Now, perform complete scanning of the machine
  • Step 3: Afterward, disable all other antivirus, if any, to remove interruption in the work
  • Step 4: Then, start the process of “Device Drivers updation”.
  • Step 5: Apply the function “disk clean up” for cleaning all junk
  • Step 6: Now, apply default settings
  • Step 7: Uninstall the program and then reinstall it again
  • Step 8: Lastly, execute the windows system file checker

After applying all the above-mentioned steps, check out the Windows updates availability.

  • If it is available, install it properly.
  • Run the Windows update installation process.

Get connected with McAfee Antivirus Customer Support team

How to resolve McAfee error 1336 in Windows

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So, to get the best services for the McAfee product, choose the best tech support company.

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